How to apply for a job:

1. Browse job board, choose the position you are interested in and send us your documents or tell us your preferences, such as location, salary, students’ age group, school type, etc. and we will introduce the suitable position to you.¬†Email: eslteachersinchina@gmail.com, WeChat: rememberesl, QQ: 1370683803, Skype: abluelily.

2. We will forward your documents to the employer and help set up an interview if you are a qualified candidate.

3. The employer will provide employment contract after you pass the interview and start to apply for visa once you accept the offer.

Note: Our recruitment process if free of charge. You do not pay us anything.


The work visa procedures are as follows:

1. You will prepare some documents, such as CV, a passport photo, copy of passport photo page, copy of degree, authentication of degree from Chinese embassy, copy of teaching certificate/TESOL/TEFL and authentication, reference letter, health report, cert of non-criminal record and authentication, signed contract etc., then send them to the employer.

2. The employer will start the application for work permit notification. When it is ready, the employer will send to you.

3. Then you will take the notification to Chinese embassy or consulate to process Z visa. When you get that, you can come to China.

4. Upon your arrival in China, the employer will apply for work permit and one year residence permit, which means you can work in China legally for one year.


Documents required for work visa process:

1.Resume (education background and working experience in chronological order)


3.Passport (at least 6 months of validity remaining)

4.Bachelor degree or higher (notarized and authenticated)

5.Certificate of non-criminal record (notarized and authenticated)

6.Clean physical health examination

7.Signed employment contract

One/all of the following documents is/are needed in some situations:

8.TESOL/TEFL/CELTA/Teaching certificate/License (at least 120 hours, usually notarized and authenticated)

9.Reference letters (at least 2 years teaching experience)

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